Sharing is Caring

I am a firm believer that only through sharing things like glaze recipes, our ceramics community becomes stronger. Below are some of my favorite glazes, engobe etc. recipes.


Molly's Turquoise

This c/10 glaze has a wide variety of reactions in the salt firing. All four pieces above are the same glaze (all fired in different salt firings in the same kiln). Sometimes it comes out bright turquoise, other times light blue with lots of crazing. Some of my pieces even turned pinkish. When fired in reduction, trends more green than turquoise or blue.


Custer Feldspar 45.4

EPK 2.4

Dolomite 5.9

Whiting 9.8

Silica 19.4

Gerstley Borate 13.2

Zinc Oxide 3.9

Black Copper Oxide 9.8

Bentonite 2.5


Pale green engobe

Engobes are a cross between slips and glazes. This engobe, when fired in salt, can look dark green matte when applied too thick, or shimmery with yellow crystals when applied more thinly. This engobe really spreads out along the clay surface.


Recipe Coming


winokur blue

Winokur Blue is a c/10 glaze that looks great on pretty much every clay body. It's a nice clear with a blue tint. When salt fired, I found the color became even lighter.


G-200 Feldspar 25

Whiting 25

Ball Clay 25

Flint 25

Red Iron Oxide 1

Cobalt Carb 0.25


Cobalt WAsh

This wash is great on bisque ware. It can also go over glazes for interesting effects. When it's too thick it looks green. When thin, it's a very nice dark blue.


1 part Cobalt Carbonate

2/3 part Rutile

3 part Gerstley Borate


Turquoise oribe

Although I haven't been using them recently, I find oribe glazes captivating. Traditionally a green glaze, this tribe is a nice, bright turquoise. This c/10 glaze is great in reduction and atmospheric firings.  


G-200 Feldspar 26.5

Flint 32.6

Kaolin 3.1

Talc 3.7

Whiting 16.6

Strontium Carb 12.5

Bone Ash 1.8

Copper Carb 4.2

Bentonite 2